Money Robot Review

Money Robot Review 2023

Money Robot Review is a premier link-building tool that masterfully constructs a two-tiered network of 2.0 backlinks for your website. The backlinks crafted by this tool are high-quality, stemming from reputable websites with impressive metrics. Standing as one of the most resilient and automated backlink generating tools available, Money Robot operates on artificial intelligence. Utilizing this software can elevate your website to the top-ranking position on Google. Discover the remarkable capabilities of Money Robot Review and how it can bolster your business in this comprehensive review.

Money Robot Review

In this comprehensive review, we present the features of Money Robot Review to help you evaluate its worth. It enjoys considerable popularity due to its impressive array of attributes such as:

  • Unlimited website platform support
  • A real-time link checker
  • User-friendly interface
  • A submission feature that automates web 2.0 backlink creation, making your link management easier
  • The Money Robot Submitter comes with a keyword research tool
  • An integrated article spinner and rebuilder to enhance your article’s quality
  • A time-efficient solution
  • While using Money Robot, it’s recommended to monitor the backlinks it generates, a task made easy by the SEO backlink monitor
  • A safe payment method
  • The inclusion of an automatable browser for various tasks
  • Intelligent submission process
  • Continuous updates featuring more than 5000 websites.

Who uses Money Robot software?

In this assessment of Money Robot Review, we delve into identifying the intended user base and those who can most effectively leverage this software.

Simply put, Money Robot is a tool accessible to anyone! If you possess fundamental software skills and aspire to enhance your SERP ranking and SEO traffic, then Money Robot is your go-to instrument.

Regardless if you’re a large-scale corporation or a hobby blogger, Money Robot can significantly contribute to your SEO strategies. It serves as a potent tool for a wide array of users including website proprietors, bloggers, digital marketing professionals, SEO specialists, media corporations, YouTube creators, and so on. They can employ this software to construct backlinks, facilitating an effortless climb in their Google search result rankings.

How does Money Robot work?

Let’s delve into how it functions and the scope of services it provides:

  • It performs thorough keyword research, equipping you with a clear understanding of the optimal keywords to use. Additionally, it offers valuable insight into your present position in single-page ranking.
  • Money Robot endeavours to power up or rank on sites like YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, and other social media platforms. It leverages similar sites to boost its rank, in turn elevating your primary site’s standing.
  • While Money Robot automatically generates titles for your blogs, it also provides you with the option to select one according to your preference.
  • In terms of article writing, Money Robot is a great time-saver. It empowers you to enrich your article with a multitude of elements, like incorporating a list of photo URLs, YouTube videos, Google Maps, iFrame embeds of Amazon affiliate link code, or any other link of your choice.

Money Robot Pricing

Now that we’ve explored the features and uses of Money Robot, it’s time to discuss its pricing, another critical aspect covered in this review. Here are the subscription options that Money Robot Review provides.

  • A Monthly Plan: Priced at $67 per month
  • A Lifetime Plan: Available for a one-time payment of $497, granting a lifetime license for the tool.

The array of payment options offered simplifies the process of speedy transactions. You also have the flexibility to use bitcoin for your subscription payment.

What’s more, they offer a 7-day free trial, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the tool’s features and assess its effectiveness. If it proves to be a good fit for your company, you could consider opting for the one-time purchase plan.

How to use Money Robot?

Operating Money Robot is straightforward, but it’s important to grasp how to maximize its feature set. You can experiment with all the features during the 7-day trial, but understanding each one may initially seem daunting.

In money robot review, we demystify Money Robot’s usage with a step-by-step guide for ease of comprehension.

Prior to utilizing the tool, you must subscribe to a plan and install the software on your personal computer. The process is as follows:

  1. Verify Your OS: Ensure your system operates on Internet Explorer, Vista, Windows 7, or a higher version to download the software.
  2. Software Download: Visit the official website, locate, and click the download button to initiate the download of the installer.
  3. Software Installation: Once downloaded, read through the details, consent to the terms and conditions, select a setup location on your device, and finalize the installation process.
  4. Software Activation: Post-installation, run the software and create an account using your email address to kickstart your 7-day trial period.

Regarding Money Robot’s Proxy –

By default, Money Robot operates with its proxy, which functions adequately. However, for enhanced speed, content generation, and backlink creation, it’s recommended to establish your private proxy.

Once you’ve installed the software and configured a proxy, the subsequent step is to learn how to devise a campaign.

Campaign Creation in Money Robot –

  • Here’s how to construct a new campaign:
  • Click on the ‘create new campaign’ option.
  • Select the backlinking diagram (wheel, pyramid, etc.) in line with your SEO approach.
  • Input the site URL or Target Site URL.
  • Specify the target keyword.
  • Complete the content title and body.

To optimize your campaign, you can separately create and store articles in a folder for upload during the campaign’s initial phase via the tool itself. Alternatively, if you lack content, Money Robot can assist in generating articles from scratch.

Once all details are filled in and the backlinking diagram aligns with your objectives, click ‘start campaign’.

Upon launching your first campaign, you can clone it to create additional keyword-targeted Web 2.0 properties. You can run a maximum of two campaigns simultaneously, with the initial campaign taking approximately 12 to 24 hours, depending on your VPS speed.

Upon completion of the first two campaigns, you can reuse the Web 2.0 properties. This speeds up Money Robot’s operation and provides a boost to your existing blogs.

This process is simple. Navigate to the Accounts tab, click ‘create new accounts’ and select ‘use my already existing accounts’.

What is Money Robot Submitter?

Money Robot is an automated SEO solution developed by Softtech SRL. Its user-friendly interface and effectiveness as an SEO tool have made it popular among users, who typically observe results in a brief period. Using Money Robot Submitter allows rapid generation of web traffic, facilitating your website’s appearance on Google’s first page.

About SEO Submitter Software

Money Robot is widely utilized in the business sector due to its basis in artificial intelligence, emulating human-like SEO tasks. The software’s database is enriched with numerous sites suitable for quality backlink creation. With the assistance of this SEO Submitter Software, you can produce any type of high-quality backlink.

These impressive features have garnered considerable recognition in the market. Those familiar with backlink creation understand the tedious and challenging nature of link building. However, this software simplifies the process, enabling automatic backlink creation with just a few clicks. For business use, this software could facilitate significant profit generation.

Owing to its features and functionality, SEO Submitter Software is often referred to as auto link building software.

Types of backlinks

Many individuals might not realize that there are various forms of backlinks, each with its unique features, benefits, and effectiveness. As stated in our review and others on Money Robot Review, its submitter is capable of providing nearly all types of well-regarded backlinks for enhancing your rankings.

Money Robot streamlines the process by automatically submitting your content to a multitude of popular platforms and directories, including:

  • Social bookmarking sites
  • Web 2.0 blogs
  • Web 2.0 profiles
  • Posts on social networks
  • Web directories
  • Wiki articles
  • Forum profiles
  • Article directories
  • Press releases
  • RSS feeds (Really Simple Syndication)

Money Robot characteristics

No Money Robot review would be comprehensive without an in-depth look at its features. Here are some standout qualities of this tool:

1. Free Proxies:

In the world of SEO-friendly link building, free proxies are a substantial benefit. Proxies function similarly to VPNs, primarily used for web browsers. They allow you to modify the IP address of the link source easily, creating the appearance of fresh link creation for your site.

2. Captcha Resolution:

Money Robot Submitter includes an integrated captcha solver capable of handling image, text, and calculation captchas. However, for more complex captchas, you might want to consider a paid or third-party service.

3. Content Generation:

Content creation is key to any link-building campaign. With Money Robot’s article spinning feature, you can create endless unique versions of articles, eliminating concerns about duplication.

4. Regular Site Updates:

Money Robot’s servers identify new websites daily and regularly refresh the list. This continual growth allows your site to gain backlinks from an ever-expanding pool of sources.

5. Integrated Backlink Indexer Tool:

All backlinks created via Money Robot are automatically indexed to search engines like Google and Bing, eliminating the need for additional indexing services.

6. Free Customer Support:

With customer support available through various channels, including Skype, live chat, email, and Facebook, you can easily get answers to your queries.

7. Rapid Submission:

The multi-threading feature simulates a large workforce striving to boost your website’s ranking. It mimics real human activity, allowing it to bypass robot detection mechanisms easily.

8. Money-Back Guarantee:

If you have doubts about the tool’s effectiveness, there’s a 7-day trial period to evaluate its features and benefits. A full refund is available if you’re unsatisfied within the first week after purchase.

9. Automated Submission Process:

Account creation is fully automated, including email activation.

10. Backlink Monitor Feature:

This allows you to manage and monitor all your live backlinks, anchor texts, and other backlink-related information.

Here are some benefits and drawbacks of using Money Robot:


  • Automation of link-building processes
  • Fastest submission process due to its multi-threading functionality
  • More than 5000 links included
  • Free proxies and captcha solving
  • No plagiarism thanks to its article builder and spinner
  • Built-in keyword research tool
  • Money Robot license can operate on two separate VPSs, reducing costs
  • Account details accessible anytime, saved on the cloud
  • Can install the application on three different networks


  • Trial software has limited features, requiring a monthly subscription for full access
  • Can’t solve complex captchas with the built-in captcha solver
  • Only compatible with the Windows operating system, Mac users need additional software like Microsoft Remote Desktop
  • Indexer service has a daily limit for the number of URLs; additional indexer service might be needed for faster indexing
  • Requires high CPU configuration and a high VPS; campaigns will depend on your VPS completion

Money Robot Review

Should you be aiming to generate a vast number of backlinks in a minimal amount of time, Money Robot is undoubtedly the software to consider. As the finest automated link-building software on the market, its impressive results are sure to exceed your expectations. You can avail of their 7-day free trial to experience firsthand the tool’s advantages.

There might be a learning curve initially to understand the software’s requirements, but with practice, you’ll soon become adept at using it. The software enables you to create a plethora of backlinks using various web properties. Furthermore, its indexing process is purposefully slow, maintaining a natural environment for your site.

To conclude this Money Robot review, it is, without a doubt, a stellar SEO link-building software, unparalleled in effectiveness. Stay tuned for more insightful content like this!

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