Zakir Khan Net Worth 2024

Zakir Khan Net Worth 2024

In the vibrant realm of stand-up comedy, Zakir Khan stands as a standout performer. His unique blend of sharp wit, side-splitting humor, and stories that resonate deeply with audiences has made him a household name. Spanning a successful career, Zakir Khan hasn’t just etched his name in the annals of comedic history; he’s also amassed a notable fortune. In this article, we’re set to delve into the financial aspects of Zakir Khan’s life, including his net worth, yearly earnings, and the kind of abode this comedy maestro calls his own. Join us as we navigate the intersections of humor and wealth in Zakir Khan’s illustrious journey.

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Zakir Khan’s journey in the entertainment industry is a blend of humor, heart, and genuine talent, making him one of the standout figures in Indian comedy today.

Zakir Khan Net Worth, Monthly Salary, House

Zakir Khan’s journey in the world of comedy is indeed a tale that resonates with passion, persistence, and an undeniable knack for making people laugh. His rise from modest beginnings to international acclaim is not just an inspirational story for aspiring comedians, but also a beacon of hope for anyone chasing their dreams. Khan’s ability to connect with his audience through relatable humor and storytelling has made him a beloved figure far beyond his native India. His story serves as a powerful reminder that with dedication and hard work, it’s possible to turn one’s passion into a successful career and touch the lives of people across the globe. Zakir Khan’s journey is a testament to the universal appeal of humor and the enduring power of perseverance.

Personal Life

Zakir Khan, originating from the heart of Indore, Madhya Pradesh, is a true multifaceted talent in the entertainment world. He’s not just a stand-up comedian but also shines as a presenter, writer, poet, and actor. His versatility is evident in his work, especially in his successful Amazon Prime web series, “Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare.” In this series, Zakir not only showcased his acting chops by playing the lead role, but he also demonstrated his writing prowess by penning the script.

But that’s not all. Zakir Khan has also made a mark with his stand-up specials on Amazon Prime Video. His shows, “Haq Se Single” and “Kaksha Gyaravi,” are particularly notable. They’re more than just comedy specials; they are a testament to his unique storytelling ability and his keen observational humor. Through these specials, Zakir connects with his audience on a personal level, often drawing on his own life experiences to bring laughter and perhaps a bit of introspection.


In 2012, Zakir Khan burst onto India’s stand-up comedy scene with a bang, clinching the coveted title of India’s Best Stand-Up in a prestigious Comedy Central contest. His journey didn’t just stop there. He has expanded his creative horizon, contributing as a ghostwriter and producer for radio shows, and lighting up the screen on NDTV Prime’s “The Rising Stars of Comedy.” He’s not just a comic but a wordsmith, too, known for his famous catchphrase ‘Sakht Launda,’ describing a man with a humorous take on resisting romantic advances. His collaboration with Joke Singh for a show in Gurgaon was a memorable gig.

Zakir’s talents extend beyond the realm of comedy. He’s also an Urdu poet, drawing from his rich familial artistic heritage. He’s shared his poetic talents at notable events like Rekhta. Zakir’s journey into poetry began with a train ride to Delhi, where he wrote his first poem, “Mai Soonya Pe Sawar Hoon,” followed by others like “Apne Aap Ke Bhi Piche Khara Hoon Main” and “Bus Ka Intezar Karte Huye.”

In September 2017, Zakir stepped into a new role as a mentor on The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’s fifth season, judged by Akshay Kumar. His digital footprint is immense, with a thriving YouTube channel with over six million followers. His Amazon Prime special, “Haq Se Single,” stands out in his portfolio.

Taking his talents to web series, Zakir not only wrote but also starred in “Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare” on Amazon Prime. He joined forces with Sorabh Pant and Gursimran Khamba from All India Bakchod in 2015 for “On Air with AIB,” a news comedy show aired on Star World India. He also co-hosted the 5th Annual Golden Kela Awards.

Zakir was a judge on Amazon Prime’s “Comicstaan Season 2,” guiding contestants in anecdotal comedy and continued this mentoring role in Season 3. He appeared in “One Mic Stand Season 1” on Amazon Prime, alongside Bhuvan Bam. His versatility shines in his show, “Farzi Mushaira,” on Amazon Mini TV, and he’s ventured into podcasting with “Ummeed” on Gaana, sharing inspiring stories with his comedian friends.

His YouTube channel, “Zakir Khan,” boasts about 7.55 million subscribers, and he enjoys a substantial following on social media, with around 5.5 million followers on Instagram and 1.2 million on Twitter. Zakir Khan’s journey from a YouTube start in 2011 to a multi-faceted entertainer is a testament to his diverse talents and enduring appeal.

Zakir Khan Net Worth

Zakir Khan’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million, which translates to roughly Rs. 25 crores in Indian currency. This impressive sum is primarily accumulated from his popular YouTube channel and his performances on various comedy platforms. In addition to his earnings from these sources, Zakir also boosts his income through a mix of brand endorsements and advertising partnerships, further solidifying his financial success in the entertainment industry.

Zakir Khan Income and Salary

Besides his YouTube earnings, Zakir Khan’s diverse engagements, including stand-up performances and guest appearances, contribute to his income. For these activities, he is said to command fees in the range of Rs. 4 to 5 lakhs per event. These numbers reflect the high demand and popularity he enjoys in the entertainment industry.

When we tally up these various sources of income, Zakir Khan’s annual earnings are estimated to be in the impressive range of Rs. 2-3 crores. This figure highlights not only his success as a comedian and digital content creator but also the potential financial rewards of a career in the digital entertainment industry. Zakir Khan’s journey and earnings underscore the lucrative opportunities available in the realms of digital content creation and entertainment.

Zakir Khan House

Zakir Khan possesses multiple real estate assets, including a lavish apartment in Mumbai, a residence in his hometown of Indore, and a farmhouse located in Goa.


Zakir Khan’s love for automobiles is evident in his remarkable collection of cars, each symbolizing a blend of style, comfort, and power. His garage is home to several high-end vehicles, reflecting both luxury and practicality:

  1. Hyundai Creta: This popular SUV, known for its comfort and reliability, holds a special place in his collection and is valued at approximately Rs. 16.37 lakhs.
  2. Maruti Suzuki Ertiga: Representing practicality and family comfort, the Ertiga in his garage comes with a price tag of around Rs. 6.76 lakhs.
  3. Mahindra Thar: This rugged and robust vehicle, perfect for off-road adventures, is valued at about Rs. 16 lakhs, showcasing Zakir’s taste for adventure and versatility.
  4. Range Rover Velar: The crown jewel of his collection, the Velar is an epitome of luxury and sophistication, worth a stunning Rs. 1 crore. This vehicle stands as a testament to his success and refined taste.


Zakir Khan’s rise to fame was marked by a significant milestone in 2012 when he clinched the title of Best Stand-Up Comedian on Comedy Central, a remarkable achievement that set the stage for his burgeoning career. His journey continued with further recognition, as he was honored with the title of Most Popular Stand-Up Comedian (Male) at the IWM Digital Awards in 2019. This accolade was followed by another prestigious award in 2020, the Most Popular Comedian at the Bollywood Life – YouTube Awards.

These awards reflect not just Zakir Khan’s popularity but also his skill and dedication in the realm of comedy. His financial success is a direct result of the widespread recognition and respect he has garnered in the industry. As a leading figure in the comedy scene, Zakir Khan’s journey is a testament to the power of talent combined with hard work, resonating with audiences far and wide.

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