Nora Fatehi Net Worth

Nora Fatehi Net Worth: Annual Income, Personal Life, House

Nora Fatehi net worth reflects her swift ascent to fame in the entertainment world as a renowned dancer and actress.

Her entrancing dance numbers and charismatic appearances have catapulted Nora Fatehi into the limelight of Bollywood. This illustrious performer has not only garnered acclaim but also substantial financial rewards due to her work in the industry. In the following discussion, we delve into the financial aspects of Nora Fatehi’s career, examining her net worth, yearly earnings, and real estate holdings.

Nora Fatehi Net Worth, Annual Income, House

Nora Fatehi’s net worth has soared as she’s made her indelible mark in the Indian entertainment industry over the past nine years.

Since moving to India, Nora Fatehi has carved out a remarkable niche for herself as a versatile powerhouse in the realm of showbiz. As an accomplished actress, model, dancer, singer, and producer, she has earned widespread acclaim and significantly impacted Indian film. Moreover, her dynamic presence across social media channels has attracted a legion of followers, further solidifying her celebrity status.

Net Worth $8 million
Monthly Income Rs. 70 lakhs
Yearly Income Rs. 4 crores
WealthRs. 66 crores
Properties Owned and their ValuationRs. 15+ crores
Miscellaneous Assets and their Valuation Rs. 1.34 crores

Personal Life

Nora Fatehi net worth is a testament to her eclectic heritage and self-made success in the entertainment sector.

Originating from Canada, born on February 6, 1992, as Naura Fathi, Nora Fatehi has emerged as a multifaceted performer, dazzling audiences with her dance, modeling, and acting prowess. With a unique blend of Indian and Moroccan descent, Nora draws her Indian heritage from her mother, a third-generation Indian, while her father, Omar Fatehi, imparts the Moroccan side of her lineage. She also has a younger sibling named Omar.

Her academic path led her from the corridors of Westview Centennial Secondary School in Toronto to the halls of York University. Yet, her education was truncated as the pull of her passion for rhythm, movement, and dramaturgy drew her away from traditional academics. From an early age, Nora was entranced by the performing arts and dreamt of lighting up the stage as an actor. She cultivated her belly dancing prowess by passionately following online tutorials, showing a relentless zeal for self-improvement in her craft.

Fate’s script had a different plan for Nora, steering her away from college to pursue her true calling. Taking a leap of faith, she aligned with Orange Model Management, which became her gateway to the illustrious Indian entertainment industry. Her ascent in dance and acting is notable for its lack of formal training, underscoring her raw talent and unwavering commitment.


Embarking on her career in the limelight, Nora Fatehi first emerged on the scene through her work in television commercials and music video appearances. Yet, it was her magnetic dance skills that launched her into the stardom of Bollywood.

Her initial foray into Bollywood was marked by her role in the 2014 adventure “Roar: Tigers of the Sundarbans.” Despite this introduction, it was her electrifying dance numbers in epics like “Baahubali: The Beginning” and “Satyamev Jayate” that captured the public’s gaze. Hits such as the mesmerizing “Dilbar” and the vibrant “O Saki Saki” skyrocketed on music charts and racked up millions of YouTube views.

Beyond her dance dominance, Nora displayed her acting chops in films like “Batla House” and “Bharat.” Her performance in the 2020 dance film “Street Dancer 3D” further entrenched her as a force in Bollywood. In a memorable TV stint, December 2015 saw her dive into the ‘Bigg Boss’ house in its ninth season as a wild card entrant, though her journey ended by the twelfth week.

Nora didn’t confine her talents to Indian cinema. She branched out, teaming up with Moroccan hip-hop group Fnaire for an Arabic version of “Dilbar,” expanding her international appeal. In 2019, she broke into the English music scene with “Pepeta,” a collaboration with Tanzanian artist Rayvanny that met with international acclaim. That same year, she sealed a deal with T-Series, vowing to bring her artistry to a slew of new projects across various entertainment platforms.

Her influence wasn’t just confined to film; Nora graced television as a judge on reality shows such as “Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa” and “India’s Best Dancer.” Moreover, her prowess as a model and brand ambassador saw her name align with top-tier brands, showcasing her range and commitment. Nora’s multifaceted abilities and relentless dedication have cemented her as a sought-after figure in the entertainment domain. As a trailblazer, she continues to inspire legions of young women, demonstrating the power of perseverance in an industry known for its fierce competition.

Nora Fatehi Net Worth

The net worth of Nora Fatehi is an impressive $8 million, which is roughly Rs. 66 crores, with a substantial portion of her income stemming from high-paying brand endorsement deals. Recognized as one of the highest-earning actresses in India, she also enjoys a considerable income stream from her roles in films and her dynamic stage shows. Additionally, Nora Fatehi is a celebrated name in fashion modeling, where she dazzles as a style icon, as well as a distinguished television personality.

Nora Fatehi Income and Salary

Nora Fatehi’s earnings exceed Rs. 60 lakhs for every Bollywood song sequence she stars in. Her compensation for film roles often tops Rs. 1.5 crores. In the realm of advertising, she garners upwards of Rs. 5 lakhs for each brand she endorses. It is estimated that her annual income reaches around Rs. 4 crores, which breaks down to a monthly revenue of about Rs. 70 lakhs.

Nora Fatehi House

Nora Fatehi resides in a luxurious home nestled in the posh district of Worli, Mumbai. Her residence, a creation of the acclaimed American architect Peter Marino, represents a significant investment by the actress, with its value estimated at Rs. 10 crores. Furthermore, Nora has actively expanded her portfolio through strategic real estate investments.

With a schedule that necessitates frequent travel to various shooting sites, Nora has invested around Rs. 5 crores in a state-of-the-art vanity van. This van, outfitted with lavish amenities, doubles as her home away from home. In addition to her Indian assets, she is also a property owner in Canada.


Nora Fatehi’s love for high-end vehicles is apparent in her impressive array of luxury cars. Her garage features:

  • A sleek Mercedes Benz GLA 200D, purchased for Rs. 32.33 lakhs,
  • A chic Volkswagen Polo with a market price of around Rs. 10.25 lakhs,
  • A stylish Honda City, costing Rs. 15.24 lakhs,

Adding to her collection, the Bollywood sensation has acquired a lavish BMW 5 Series, setting her back Rs. 64.49 lakhs.

Furthermore, Nora’s penchant for fashion is showcased through her array of luxurious handbags, as seen in her Instagram showcases. Her collection is a testament to her refined taste, boasting designer bags including a lavish Hermes Birkin Handbag valued at Rs. 7 lakhs and an exquisite Chanel Quilted Double-Chained Handbag priced at Rs. 5.1 lakhs.


Nora’s stellar acts have earned her a wealth of praise and several prestigious awards. For her role in “Batla House,” she clinched the Best Supporting Actress award at the 66th Filmfare Awards. The year 2021 saw her rising to international acclaim, winning the International Rising Star at the Filmfare Middle East edition. Additionally, her outstanding performances brought her the title of Performer of the Year at the Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival. Continuing her winning streak into 2022, Nora was celebrated as the Favorite Dancing Star at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.


Nora is deeply involved in numerous initiatives across the country and allocates her spare time to philanthropic activities. She is a key supporter of Relief Projects India, a charitable organization committed to saving abandoned infant girls and fighting against the scourge of female infanticide. Nora channels a portion of her income from appearances on various game shows into supporting a host of charities and foundations. Her altruistic spirit is evident as she regularly contributes to the welfare of the less fortunate in her society.


Nora Fatehi’s journey in the limelight has not been without its share of disputes and contentious moments.

  • The year 2020 saw Nora embroiled in a plagiarism row over a dance sequence. She came forward to clarify that the creation was not hers and offered her regret over the misunderstanding.
  • Come 2021, she encountered criticism for a lip-syncing mishap during a live show. Nora took ownership of the misstep, issued an apology, and assured more diligent performances in the future.
  • Moreover, Nora has drawn the scrutiny of investigative agencies delving into a colossal Rs. 200 crore scam associated with the convicted swindler Sukesh Chandrashekhar.

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