CPM Ad Network for Indian Traffic

Best CPM Ad Network for Indian Traffic in 2023

Desiring to monetize your blog is quite common, and an additional revenue stream is always welcome, isn’t it? So, we’re here to introduce the top 12 CPM ad network for Indian traffic to enhance your earnings.

Generating a substantial income from a modest blog is achievable, especially if you’re receiving substantial traffic from India or other Asian nations. What if this high traffic volume could help you make more money via CPM ads? This idea is enticing as it has the potential to provide a sizable monthly income.

While there are reputable advertising companies like AdSense, if you feel the payout is not satisfactory and are exploring other options, rest assured, plenty of companies are willing to pay well for your traffic.

If you’re a novice, CPM can be one of the most reliable methods to monetize your blog.

But, what exactly are CPM ads? Let’s briefly explore.

CPM, or Cost Per Thousand impressions, is a type of advertisement that can be an excellent source of additional revenue for your blogs. They pay you based on the number of impressions an advertisement receives. Therefore, the formula to calculate it is straightforward:

CPM = Cost/Total Impressions * 1000

Here, an ‘impression’ refers to a single instance of an ad appearing on the website. This implies that even if the visitors don’t click on the blog ads, you still get paid. However, to maximize revenue from CPM ads, it’s essential to strategically place the ads in noticeable positions.

CPM ads are particularly advantageous for bloggers with high-traffic websites. If you have a significant number of visitors to your blog daily, these ads can yield a good income.

Typically, CPM ad networks offer payments ranging from $1 to $10 per thousand impressions. However, the exact amount can vary based on factors determined by the company and its specific needs.

Top 12 Best CPM Ad Network for Indian Traffic

If you’re keen on earning revenue through CPM ads, we’ve curated a list of the most dependable and premier CPM companies you can join without hesitation. This list is the result of extensive research and testimonials from those who have had firsthand experience working with these companies.

Without further ado, here’s a list of CPM ad networks known for their high payouts and authenticity:


Infolinks is often considered one of the most profitable CPM Ad networks specifically tailored for traffic from India, making it particularly advantageous for niche publishers. This network provides a diverse range of ad units that complement each other, including Intext (which are text link ads), Inframe (banner ads positioned in margins and frames), Infold (overlay ads), In-screen (intelligent interstitial ads), and Tag (tag cloud ads).

Thanks to these innovative ad units, you can earn bonus points from your users without any disruption and maintain seamless SEO compatibility. Infolinks allows you to optimize your website’s ad space more effectively than ever.

In essence, Infolinks identifies pertinent text in content and transforms them into ad links. It is advisable to use Infolinks in conjunction with other ad networks such as Revenuehits, AdSense, and more, given its diverse ad types. Infolinks usually reviews and approves a blog within 48 hours.

Payments are released within a 45-day window and can be processed through PayPal, Western Union, ACH, Payoneer, eCheck, and wire transfers.


  • No minimum traffic prerequisite for approval
  • Offers publishers a 70% share of revenue
  • Features unique ad types
  • Includes easy-to-manage ads
  • Provides a range of user and SEO friendly ad formats
  • Collaborates with prominent players in the ad network industry like Amazon, Microsoft, eBay, Facebook, etc.
  • Has an expansive network that spans 130 countries with over 200,000 publishers


  • May not always provide a user-friendly experience
  • Can sometimes display irrelevant ads

2) Media .net

Media .net stands as a prominent tech ad network, boasting prestigious partnerships and a global footprint. This platform is widely recognized for enabling both publishers and advertisers to generate income. They have an extensive network encompassing various countries such as the USA, India, Switzerland, UAE, among others.

They’re particularly noted for their track record in aiding long-tail publishers in amplifying their CPM rates.

To gain approval from Media .net, businesses must consistently provide original and regularly updated content. It’s critical to ensure that no third-party intellectual property rights are infringed upon during this process.

Media .net holds the distinction of being the second-highest globally in running contextual ad programs. Renowned publisher clients of its contextual ad programs include the likes of Yahoo, MSN, Forbes, The Street, NY Daily News, Ziff Davis, Kiplinger, and more.

Payments are issued within a 30-day timeframe, with PayPal, Western Union, and Wire Transfer as payment options.


  • Dedicated Account Manager for support
  • Compatibility with Google AdSense for all ads
  • No minimum traffic criteria
  • Real-time reporting feature
  • Contextual ads offering high payouts
  • Robust customer support
  • A variety of ad types, including Display ads, Interstitial ads, Contextual ads, In-content ads, and Mobile docked ads.


  • The minimum payout is relatively high compared to other ad networks
  • The majority of the network traffic must originate from Tier 1 countries
  • Some ads necessitate a double click

3) Adbuff

Utilizing an innovative technology called RTB (Real-Time Bidding), this platform serves as one of the top alternatives to AdSense, known for enhancing CPM rates.

The platform facilitates a bidding process where advertisers worldwide compete for spaces on publisher sites. Publishers who receive the highest bid rates have the opportunity to earn at impressive CPM rates.

The network maintains stringent policies and does not favor advertisers and publishers seeking undue advantages.

To qualify for approval, a daily traffic of at least 2000 visitors is required, and approval generally takes between 5 to 7 days. There’s also a $25 signup bonus, with payments being processed through PayPal and Western Union on a 45-day schedule.


  • Signup and Weekly Bonus incentives
  • Among the highest CPM rates compared to other ad networks
  • Personal account manager assigned to each publisher
  • Advanced Real-Time Bidding dashboard providing real-time support
  • Accepts only publishers with original content and Tier 1 traffic, ensuring relevant and verified ads


  • Does not operate on a monthly payment schedule
  • A requirement of 2000 unique visitors daily, which can be challenging to achieve

4) Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads, recognized for delivering advertisements suitable for all screen types, has gained popularity among webmasters. This user-friendly ad network allows you to set up your account, add your domain, and validate ownership with ease.

Generating more than 650 million ad impressions daily for desktop and mobile visitors, it has become an acclaimed ad network, particularly among streaming and downloading sites. Propeller Ads provides an array of ad products including Interstitial ads, Pop-under ads, Dialog Ads, and Standard banner ads.

Established in 2011, Propeller Ads has proven to be a highly lucrative CPM Ad network, helping many bloggers and website owners experience heightened visitor rates.

Payments are facilitated through Wire Transfer and Payoneer within a 30-day period.


  • Real-time reporting features
  • User-friendly interface
  • Distributes 80% of the revenue among publishers
  • Provides higher CPM rates
  • Offers a wide array of compatible ads


  • PayPal is not a supported payment method
  • Full-screen ads are not visible to readers, potentially impacting the user experience

5) Exponential

Exponential, previously known as Tribal Fusion, is among the top CPM ad network for indian traffic. This ad network necessitates at least 5000 unique daily visitors for approval, and the CPM rates offered by Exponential are notably high.

This ad network serves 20 million monthly impressions and is utilized by over 230 million users each month. Utilizing advanced technology and professional advice, they deliver results via channel-wide, site-specific, and run of network placements.

Exponential can be challenging for budding or intermediate bloggers due to its strict policies that might be tough to comply with.

Although getting approved might seem daunting, once accomplished, it can lead to substantial earnings. In fact, it’s one of the best platforms for publishers to leverage their highly targeted content for maximum value.

Payments to publishers are made either through PayPal or cheque, typically within a 45-day timeframe.


  • Exceptionally high CPM and CPA rates
  • Minimum payout threshold stands at $50
  • A diverse selection of ad options is available
  • Highly targeted ads ease the process of generating considerable revenues
  • High-quality ad offerings
  • Boosts sales force at a minimal cost
  • Offers a free proprietary ad-serving solution


  • Approval process can be challenging
  • Strict policy guidelines

6) Conversant Media

Recognized as one of the oldest and CPM ad network for indian traffic sites, this renowned ad network has been operating for over two decades. It focuses solely on top-level domains, cementing its reputation as a high-profile ad network. It boasts an array of premium publishers and a diverse portfolio.

Conversant Media is associated with the affiliate network of Commission Junction.

The network provides monetization options for websites, mobile-optimized sites, and even mobile applications. To secure approval for your site, you need to generate at least 3000 impressions per month.

The potential for earnings is broad, given its competitive CPM pricing. It also offers a wide variety of ad types and sizes. Payments are accepted via PayPal and cheque.


  • The minimum payout threshold stands at $25
  • It is compatible with Google Adsense
  • Although the company’s payment model is set at 60 days, numerous users report receiving payments within 25 days
  • An extensive range of ad types is available to suit your needs, including InVue, half-page, flexible banner, in-text links, interstitials, pop-unders, and more


  • The website is not available in English
  • Tends to overlook low-traffic websites as better results can be achieved with high-traffic websites

7) RevenueHits

Owned and managed by Intango Ltd, a top global media tech entity, this company simplifies the process for publishers by approving blogs upon sign-up. Despite being relatively new in the ad tech ecosystem, it impressively delivers over 2 billion ad impressions daily.

This company boasts a remarkable 200% fill rate across all geographic locations. Its self-service model, backed by proprietary in-house technology, ensures publishers receive clean and safe ad demands.

The company primarily focuses on display and mobile ads. As a publisher, you’ll have access to a plethora of ad formats and the opportunity to fill mobile impressions. A real-time multi-tracking reporting system is provided, enabling publishers to easily monitor their clicks and impressions.

They have a commendable track record in timely payments, but payment terms can vary depending on the location and revenue of the publisher. Payment methods include Bitcoin, PayPal, Wire Transfer, and Payoneer.


  • Offers a self-service platform
  • Utilizes both CPM and CPA models
  • Features an optimization system to assist you in identifying the highest paying ads


  • Lack of transparency with demand details
  • Insufficient information about their technology

8) HilltopAds

Recognized as one of the top CPM ad network for indian traffic sites. This platform is especially favored by mid-market and long-tail publishers. They prioritize aligning publishers with suitable advertisements, resulting in benefits for both parties. Their user-friendly, contemporary interface facilitates smooth interaction with over 12 million traffic, largely due to the precision targeting options they offer.

This platform extends an in-house ad server and a clean, intuitive interface, paving the way for publishers to start monetizing their content. If desired, publishers can utilize the real-time optimization system to augment eCPM. Their self-service platform allows publishers to monitor their inventory performance across different placements.

What sets them apart is their anti-ad-blocker technology, ensuring publishers monetize the majority of their traffic. They equip publishers with a range of ad formats, such as video ads, push notifications, native ads, and display ads.

They stand out for having one of the quickest approval networks, featuring Net-7 payment terms and a minimum threshold of $50. Payments are facilitated through Bitcoin, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Web Money, ePayment, Paxum, and Epay services.


  • Offers 24/7 support
  • User-friendly interface
  • Presents a wide assortment of ad formats
  • Features real-time optimization


  • Relatively new entrant in the digital advertising arena
  • Limited variety of ad formats

9) RhythmOne

Established in 2004, this ad network company, now known as RhythmOne, has undergone a few name changes over time. Starting out as Blinkx, it later became RadiumOne before settling on its current name. As a leading ad network globally, RhythmOne offers publishers a comprehensive monetization platform.

The company’s offerings span a wide range of ad formats, including rich media ads, display ads, mobile ads, native ads, and video ads. A standout feature of this network is its capacity to cater to mobile impressions.

RhythmOne also supports RTB (Real-Time Bidding), private marketplace dealings, direct deals, and header bidding solutions from a variety of demand sources. For app publishers, they offer SDK solutions. They’re unique in providing cross-platform ad formats, a real-time dashboard, and a myriad of analytics, all of which enable publishers to better understand and manage their inventory.

The payment terms for RhythmOne are Net-60, and the payment threshold is set at $100. Payment methods include ACH, PayPal, and Wire Transfer. They maintain stringent payment rules and have designed their technology to deliver higher CPM and yield.


  • High CPM rates
  • User-friendly interface
  • A wide range of ad formats
  • Access to demands and ad formats
  • RTB-based buying and selling


  • Payment schedule extends over 60 days
  • High minimum payment threshold of $100
  • Requires a daily visitor count of 5000

10) Revcontent

Founded in 2013, Revcontent has established itself as a prominent content recommendation network, primarily specializing in native advertising while also venturing into display ads. The network prioritizes high-quality websites, specifically those that attract a minimum of 50,000 visitors per month.

Revcontent positions itself as a lucrative choice for publishers, promising rate returns that are 30-50% higher than other networks. They also offer superior publisher control and a user-friendly interface. With their audience engagement strategy, they utilize an audience insight feature to achieve higher Click Through Rates (CTR) and increased profit.

Revcontent provides a fully customizable widget, empowering publishers to design their own sponsored content feed. Their payment terms are publisher-friendly, operating on a Net-30 basis with a payment threshold of $50, and they offer commendable CPM rates.

In essence, for those in search of a native ad network with high-quality traffic and impressive CPM, Revcontent stands as a worthy choice.


  • Capable of enhancing your mobile experiences
  • Exceptional support team
  • Real-time reporting dashboard
  • Premium global CPM offerings


  • Joining the network can be challenging due to their strict quality standards, leading to numerous applicant rejections
  • High minimum traffic requirements

11) Criteo

Operating an advanced marketplace, this CPM ad network caters specifically to publishers, boasting over 16,000 retail and brand demands. In my view, it stands out as one of the premier CPM Ad Networks for Indian websites. Despite its relatively recent establishment, it has quickly garnered significant traction and now ranks as one of the top revenue generators for site owners. In 2014 alone, it served over 740 billion ads and catered to more than 7800 advertisers globally.

What sets this network apart is its unique feature allowing publishers to set a minimum acceptable price, ensuring they receive a fair return. If a buyer falls short of this amount, the opportunity is passed onto other ad networks. Therefore, it provides site owners with high CPM and impressive conversion rate ads.

Given its proven capability to generate revenue for its clients, it’s no surprise that over 90% of its clients have renewed their service agreements. This ad network, therefore, guarantees increased earnings for those who reap continuous benefits from its competitive revenue offers.


  • Straightforward approval process
  • Variety of ad formats
  • Competitive CPM rates
  • Its algorithm effectively targets the right products for the readers


  • High minimum payment threshold of $150
  • Lack of widely recognized payment methods
  • Customer support is only accessible via email

12) BuysellAds

This ad network is an optimal choice if you are just starting out with your blog or website. One of its best features is the absence of any minimum traffic prerequisites, making it an easy ad network to gain approval from.

Once you’re prepared to display ads and have received approval, you can begin earning money instantly. Advertisers use our platform to purchase impressions on your website. For instance, an automobile company can select any auto-centric website and establish payment terms based solely on impressions. If the desired space isn’t currently available, they can either wait or move onto another until the ongoing campaign concludes.

The network adheres to a 45-day payment schedule. However, if you request immediate payment, you can receive it within 2-3 days, a provision that can be used twice a month. Payments are made through Paypal, cheque mailed to your address, or online wire transfer.


  • Provides high-quality, pertinent, and targeted ads that can be customized to fit your needs
  • The minimum payment threshold is a low $20
  • Payments can be expedited to 2-3 days upon request, an option available twice a month
  • Compatible with Google Adsense
  • Shares 75% of the revenue they receive from advertisers with the publishers


  • Retains 25% of your earned revenue, a rate higher than the industry standard
  • Ad pricing is non-negotiable
  • CPM rates are relatively low

Summing It up

This list of dependable ad networks has been meticulously compiled based on thorough reviews of publishers’ and advertisers’ experiences. While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer—the best option often arises from your individual experiences—this list should assist you in identifying worthwhile ad networks to explore further.

Advantage of CPM advertising for publishers and developers

CPM advertising can be highly lucrative, especially for publishers. They simply have to display ads on their website and get paid for doing so. This is generally easier compared to inducing users to click on or interact with an ad. However, publishers can only truly profit from CPM if their site garners substantial traffic, as CPM rates are lower in comparison to other metrics, necessitating high traffic for significant profits.

For game publishers and app developers. CPM can be used to estimate potential profits from ads placed within their products. They can calculate various metrics such as the count of daily active users and the average number of served impressions. Combined with specific network metrics like CPM, these figures can indicate potential profits from featuring ads in games or mobile apps.

When CPM is best for advertisers?

CPM can be the most effective strategy for advertisers looking to establish a target audience and create brand awareness. Advertisers need to display their ads across various demographics, compare performance, and then formulate future strategies based on those results.

CPM advertising is an excellent way to introduce a new product to the market, as it not only increases brand awareness but also builds trust with prospective customers. A brand unfamiliar to potential customers can induce hesitance to purchase, but with increased brand visibility, consumer confidence is enhanced during the buying process.

To summarize, the primary benefits of CPM to advertisers include:

  • Enhancing brand awareness
  • Identifying optimal audiences
  • Securing cheaper traffic compared to CPC, CPL, or CPA models

Experiment with, measure, and optimize the CPM Ad Network for Indian mentioned above. If you have any additional questions or suggestions, please share them in the comments section below.

Happy earning!

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