Young Indian Entrepreneurs in 2023

Young Indian Entrepreneurs in 2023

Young Indian Entrepreneurs in 2023

Discover the journeys of young Indian entrepreneurs who have revolutionized our lives with their innovative ideas and creations. Their inspiring tales stand as a beacon for every individual aspiring to pave their own entrepreneurial path.

Dive deeper into the world of young Indian entrepreneurs whose groundbreaking initiatives have reshaped the way we live and think. These trailblazers, with their unique inventions and visionary ideas, not only changed the business landscape but also became symbols of inspiration for every budding entrepreneur dreaming of making a mark. Their stories are a testament to the endless possibilities that await those who dare to dream big and take the leap.

1. Tilak Mehta

Delve into the remarkable story of one of the youngest Indian entrepreneurs, Tilak. At the tender age of 16, he founded ‘Papers n Parcels’ with a vision to revolutionize package delivery within Mumbai. But what sets this young entrepreneur apart?

‘Papers n Parcels’ isn’t just another online courier service. It promises same-day delivery for documents and minor parcels within Mumbai. You might wonder how such a feat is accomplished daily. The ingenious answer lies in Tilak’s collaboration with Mumbai’s famed dabbawalas. While they transport meals, they simultaneously deliver packages designated for their areas.

Tilak’s inspiration stemmed from a personal need. When he required textbooks from a distant part of the city, he faced logistical challenges, as his tired father had just returned from work. Identifying a gap in swift local deliveries, he aimed to serve over 1000 individuals daily, offering more affordable rates than other market competitors.

Today, this young Indian entrepreneur processes approximately 1200 parcels daily and has set his sights on achieving a 100-crore turnover in the upcoming year. His company’s app is thriving, and beyond being the CEO, Tilak has earned accolades such as a TEDx speaker, the youngest Forbes panelist, and an award for the youngest entrepreneur.

2. Ritesh Agarwal

While commuting, you might have come across the OYO Rooms signboard, an unmistakable brand in the hospitality sector. Ever wondered about the brains behind this mammoth venture? Enter Ritesh Agarwal, hailing from a quaint town in Odisha.

The foundation of OYO lay in intertwining technology with the goal of making budget-friendly hotels accessible to all. Ritesh’s entrepreneurial streak surfaced early; he began selling SIM cards at just 13. By 17, in 2012, he embarked on the OYO journey, metamorphosing into a millionaire by 27.

With its roots in Gurugram, what’s particularly intriguing about Ritesh’s story is his decision to forgo traditional education, dropping out to nurture his vision. He’s an alumnus of St. John’s Senior Secondary School.

Support for Ritesh’s vision poured in from renowned investors, including Green Oaks Capital, Lightspeed Ventures, and Sequoia Capital. From its humble beginnings with a mere 11 rooms in Gurugram, OYO’s empire has expanded to encompass over 60,000 rooms nationwide. With over 5,000 properties in India, Ritesh’s entrepreneurial web now spans the globe.

What prompted this endeavor? Ritesh’s love for exploration. During his travels, he recognized the gaping need for affordable hotels that didn’t compromise on basic amenities or hygiene.

To further inspire budding young Indian entrepreneurs, consider this: Ritesh boasts a staggering net worth of approximately $1.1 billion, cementing his status as the world’s second-youngest billionaire. He made waves in 2013 when BusinessInsider spotlighted him as one of the globe’s 8 most promising teenage startup founders. Moreover, at the age of 17, he was acclaimed as the World’s youngest CEO, making him a jewel in the crown of young Indian entrepreneurs.

3. Farrhad Acidwalla

At the youthful age of 16, armed with a mere Rs.500 borrowed from his father, Farrhad Acidwalla embarked on his entrepreneurial journey. With that humble amount, he purchased a domain, laying the groundwork for a unique web community dedicated to the aviation and aero-modeling sectors.

The prodigious Farrhad is the brains behind Cybenetiv Digital and Rockstah Media, renowned web-development firms. Today, his portfolio includes collaborations with a plethora of global companies and high-profile influencers. Through his firms, Farrhad aids businesses in their branding, advertising, web enhancement, and marketing endeavors.

Though his company mirrors his own youthful spirit, it boasts a vast team of developers, designers, and marketers stationed worldwide. Delving into his past reveals an even more astounding narrative: the genesis of his enterprise concept took shape when he was just 13. After nurturing it for three years, he took the plunge. His precocity was evident when, at merely 17, he graced interviews and panel discussions on prestigious platforms like CNN.

His accolades aren’t limited to his business endeavors. VOGUE India distinguished him as one of the ‘Country’s Smartest Gen Z-ers of the moment’. This is but one feather in his cap, with a myriad of titles and recognitions accompanying his name, and the horizon still vast for this young achiever.

One of Farrhad’s crowning achievements is the distinction of being the youngest guest lecturer at IIT Kharagpur’s revered Annual Entrepreneurship Summit. Additionally, he holds the honor of being a TEDx speaker, further amplifying his stature among young Indian entrepreneurs.

4. King Sidharth

At the tender age of 11, when most kids were busy with school and play, Sidharth sought out activities to stave off boredom and learn simultaneously. This led him to organize local contests. With a modest entry fee and enticing prizes for winners, his concept quickly garnered the approval of parents and became a local sensation. Yet, for Sidharth, this was merely the prologue.

Harnessing his entrepreneurial flair further, he ideated an innovative way to monetize surplus flowers from weddings. By transforming them into necklaces and leveraging unique marketing tactics, he tapped into a niche market.

Despite enrolling in college at his father’s behest, Sidharth’s passion wasn’t in academics. He soon dropped out to embark on an ambitious project: launching ‘Friendz’, a magazine tailored for young readers. It provided a platform for kids and teens to share their perspectives, innovations, and ideas.

Sidharth’s journey didn’t halt there. Today, he wears multiple hats as a magazine publisher, author, and speaker. Furthermore, he orchestrates conferences under the banner ‘Createens’, focusing on empowering the youth. These sessions brim with insights on diverse subjects, such as blogging, design, and contemporary entrepreneurship, delivered by experts from around the globe. Sidharth’s story exemplifies the boundless potential of young Indian entrepreneurs.

5. Shravan and Sanjay Kumaran

Two siblings, bound not just by blood but also by a shared passion for technology, introduced the world to an app, ‘Catch Me Cop’. These prodigious brothers are celebrated as the country’s youngest app developers and business owners. Immersed in coding as a pastime, their dedication bore fruit in the form of unprecedented success. Their father, who helms a software firm, was their pillar of support, addressing their curiosities and bolstering their aspirations.

It’s astonishing for many to fathom that such young minds could craft an impressive app and establish a company named ‘GoDimensions’. Working from their Chennai residence, the duo initiated this venture in 2011. Fast forward to the present, they’ve conceived 11 gaming apps.

Of their creations, 7 have found a place in the Apple Store, while 3 grace the Google Play Store. Their apps have been embraced with enthusiasm, amassing over 36,000 downloads—a figure that continues to swell. It’s accomplishments have transcended the digital realm, with the pair being invited to share their journey at esteemed platforms like IIM-B and the TedX conference.

Their pioneering app, ‘Catch Me Cop’, debuted in the Apple Store. Subsequent hits included enticing apps like ‘Colour Palette’, ‘Prayer Planet’, and ‘Alphabet Board’. The brothers’ story serves as an inspiration and showcases the limitless potential of young Indian entrepreneurs.

6. Sreelakshmi Suresh

At an age when most kids are grappling with basic reading and arithmetic, a young prodigy named Sreelakshmi was setting the tech world ablaze. By the age of 6, without any formal training, she had already crafted her first website. What’s even more astounding is that she began navigating computers when she was a mere toddler of 3 years. Her prowess was undeniable.

Globally recognized as the youngest CEO and web designer, Sreelakshmi’s accomplishments are unparalleled. No one, in recorded history, has showcased such web development skills at her age. These outstanding feats earned her an award for being the youngest web designer, marking her as a remarkable trailblazer in the digital domain.

Under her leadership, two flourishing ventures, TinyLogo and eDesign, came into existence. Both companies provide an array of web solutions, including web designing, SEO, and other digital services to prestigious brands. The inception of eDesign occurred in 2009, when Sreelakshmi was just 11. Such immense achievements at a tender age are nothing short of inspirational.

Currently at 24, she not only boasts an impressive portfolio but also a staggering net worth of $1 million. Sreelakshmi’s journey stands as a testament to the boundless potential of young Indian entrepreneurs.

7.Ranveer Arora Allahbadia

Hailing from Mumbai, India, is one of the most renowned young Indian entrepreneurs who has etched a prominent mark in the fitness and digital realm. Meet Ranveer, the dynamic fitness coach, YouTuber, and social media maestro. His YouTube foray began in 2014 with his channel, BeerBiceps, which rapidly garnered attention for its compelling content spanning fitness, yoga, relationships, career guidance, and more.

Beyond YouTube, Ranveer wears the hat of a co-founder for Monk-E, a multifaceted platform offering a smorgasbord of services ranging from fashion and cooking to yoga and grooming. What particularly resonates with his audience is his candid revelations about his own life. His videos narrating his personal battles against obesity, substance addiction, and depression, juxtaposed against his eventual triumphs, serve as a beacon of hope for many.

Ranveer’s journey isn’t just about physical transformation but a testament to the human spirit’s resilience. While there are many influential personalities in the industry, Ranveer stands out, courtesy of his genuine demeanor, straightforward chats, and unparalleled authenticity. His vlogs, covering quotidian adventures, friendships, passions, and more, paint a holistic picture of his life. This candid approach has fostered a deep connection with his audience, making him not just an influencer but also a cherished digital companion for many.

8. Divya Gandotra Tandon

Divya, the dynamic force behind Scoop Beats Pvt. Ltd., embarked on her entrepreneurial journey through the digital corridors of YouTube. With an insatiable curiosity to remain at the forefront of technological advancements and the latest happenings in the IT and consumer market, she envisioned her venture as a beacon for information seekers. Her goal? To ensure consumers were well-informed before making any purchase.

The momentum for her YouTube channel skyrocketed as viewers thronged to watch her insightful unpacking videos and in-depth product reviews. With each video, her dedication to providing transparent and exhaustive information became evident. Witnessing the overwhelming response, Divya identified a larger potential and thus, ScoopBeats was born. As a news and media organization, ScoopBeats delves deep into product reviews, highlighting their features and potential uses.

What sets Divya apart is her distinctive style of presentation coupled with an unwavering commitment to impartiality in her reviews. This ethos of authenticity resonated with audiences, transforming her into a cherished digital influencer. Her digital footprint expanded beyond YouTube, garnering her a massive following of over 90,000 across platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Today, Divya’s expertise as an influencer is sought after by major brands. The list of her illustrious collaborations includes industry giants like IBM, Coolpad, Lazy Gardener, and Infinix, to name a few. Her journey stands as an inspiration for young Indian entrepreneurs venturing into the digital realm.

9. Trishneet Arora

Trishneet Arora, the mastermind behind TAC security solutions, is a trailblazer in the realm of cybersecurity. Renowned as one of the most eminent young Indian entrepreneurs, he laid the foundation of his company at the tender age of 19. His title of an ‘ethical hacker’ wasn’t achieved through traditional educational avenues. Surprisingly, Trishneet grappled academically, failing in class 8. Subsequent attempts at distance education led to another setback when he couldn’t clear his 12th-grade exams.

However, where conventional education eluded him, his passion for technology flourished. He was captivated by the intricacies of computers and was particularly intrigued by the realm of hacking and cyber investigations. It was this fervor that paved the way for his remarkable journey.

Established in 2013, his brainchild, TAC security solutions, provides indispensable services in today’s digital age. Specializing in vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, the company stands as a bulwark against cyber threats, safeguarding countless online ventures. Trishneet’s story is a testament to the fact that success isn’t solely predicated on traditional educational achievements but can be forged through passion and relentless dedication.

In addition to his pioneering work in cybersecurity, Trishneet Arora has left his mark as an author, penning seminal works like ‘The Hacking Era’, ‘Hacking talk with Trishneet Arora’, and ‘Hacking with Smart Phone’. His expertise is not just confined to the boardroom but has been pivotal in addressing real-world cyber-crimes. The Indian Police often leaned on his knowledge, and he was even invited by the Punjab Police to impart training in cyber-crime investigations and forensics.

Recognition for his groundbreaking work was not far behind. Trishneet was conferred the Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2020. Moreover, his life, replete with challenges and triumphs, is being chronicled in a biopic, underscoring his influence and legacy. Today, he stands as a beacon in the cybersecurity domain, offering his services to leading institutions such as the CBI, the police forces of Punjab and Gujarat, and corporate giants like Reliance Industries, HDFC, Bharti Airtel, among others.

10. Suumit Shah

Suumit Shah’s story serves as a beacon of inspiration for many budding entrepreneurs in India and around the world. His brainchild, the Dukaan app, has revolutionized the way people view and conduct e-commerce, especially in a time where online purchasing is becoming increasingly common.

Recognizing a distinct gap in the market, Suumit tapped into a potent niche – giving local grocery stores an online presence. Unlike bigger e-commerce giants that might take longer for deliveries due to various logistical reasons, Dukaan app, with its association with neighborhood stores, ensured faster and more efficient deliveries.

The ingenuity behind the Dukaan app lies in its simplicity. With the majority of merchants lacking the technical know-how of setting up an e-commerce business, the app’s DIY approach allowed them to create their own online stores using just their mobile phones. This ease of access and operation made the platform incredibly popular among merchants.

Suumit’s entrepreneurial journey is fascinating. While he was exposed to the realms of web designing and programming during his engineering days, thanks to his roommate, he further augmented his skills by taking up online courses in digital marketing. It’s commendable how he took the bold step of dropping out of college in 2014, relying on his skills, passion, and vision.

His partnership with Subhash Chaudhary, who took on the role of Chief Technology Officer, fortified the foundation of the Dukaan app. Together, they embarked on a journey to transform the e-commerce landscape in India.

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